When it comes to luxurious stone surfaces that instantly elevate the elegance of a space, marble stands out as a top choice. Marble, a natural stone, renowned for its timeless beauty and intricate veining, is available in various colors and types. 

If you're considering a marble countertop, understanding the different types of marble and the range of marble colors available can help you make an informed decision.

Are There Different Types of Marble, or Just Colors?

Marble comes in different "types," which often refer to their place of origin or specific quarries. These types have distinct patterns, colors, and veining characteristics. 

So when we refer to "types", we are not only speaking about colors of marble but also about the unique mineral compositions, patterns, and qualities that make each type distinct. 

Popular Marble Types & Marble Countertop Colors


The diverse palette and patterns of marble offer designers, homeowners, and architects a rich tapestry of choices. Whether your aesthetic leans towards the classic or the contemporary, there's a marble color and type to match.

Whether you're looking for a classic appeal or a bold statement, there's a marble type that's perfect for your countertop needs. We recommend viewing marble samples in person to truly appreciate their beauty and decide which suits your space best.

1. Carrara Marble

  • Color: Predominantly a soft white or light gray shade.
  • Features: Carrara marble showcases subtle, feathery veining. It's one of the most popular and readily available marble types, making it an excellent choice for homeowners looking for both beauty and affordability.

2. Calacatta Marble

  • Color: White with bold, dramatic veining.
  • Features: Often mistaken for Carrara, Calacatta boasts more pronounced veining, with hints of gold or brown, making each slab uniquely captivating.

3. Statuario Marble

  • Color: Bright white.
  • Features: Known for its distinct gray or gold veining, Statuario marble is rarer than Carrara, making it a sought-after choice for exclusive designs.

4. Emperador Marble

  • Color: Ranges from light beige to dark brown.
  • Features: This Spanish marble type is recognized for its intricate, fine veining and occasional hints of crystals.

5. Crema Marfil

  • Color: Cream or beige marble with uneven light veining.
  • Features: Sourced from Spain, Crema Marfil is known for its warm hues, making it perfect for creating a cozy ambiance.

6. Nero Marquina

  • Color: Black with contrasting white veining.
  • Features: This dramatic marble type offers a contemporary touch, suitable for modern spaces that require a bold statement.

7. Breccia Marble

  • Color: Predominantly beige with irregular patterns and veining.
  • Features: Known for its irregular patterns, this marble resembles a mosaic, giving countertops a unique texture and depth.

8. Bianco Venatino

  • Color: White with subtle gray streaks.
  • Features: This Italian marble offers a crisp, clean appearance with understated veining, perfect for modern interior designs.

9. Rosso Levanto

  • Color: Deep red with white and gray veining.
  • Features: This striking Turkish marble brings warmth and energy to any space.

10. Arabescato

  • Color: White with bold gray and gold patterns.
  • Features: A luxurious Italian marble type known for its bold, intersecting veining.

11. Vermont Danby

  • Color: Soft white with subtle veining.
  • Features: Mined in the U.S., this marble is revered for its understated elegance and excellent durability.

12. Rainforest

  • Color: Green or brown with intricate veining resembling tree branches.
  • Features: Sourced from India, this green marble provides a unique, naturalistic look.

13. Botticino

  • Color: Beige with faint white or cream patterns.
  • Features: A classic Italian marble, Botticino offers a serene and sophisticated aesthetic.

14. Lasa

  • Color: Pure white.
  • Features: Originating from Italy, Lasa is prized for its luminous, unblemished appearance.

15. Naxo

  • Color: Bright white with translucent qualities.
  • Features: Mined from Greece, this marble has a crystalline quality that captures light brilliantly.

16. Rojo Alicante

  • Color: Rich red with intricate white veining.
  • Features: This Spanish marble offers an opulent touch, suitable for spaces desiring a regal ambience.

17. Thassos

  • Color: Snow white.
  • Features: Another Greek marble, Thassos stands out for its impeccable brightness and purity.

18. Azul Cielo

  • Color: Light blue with sporadic veining.
  • Features: A unique marble sourced from Argentina, ideal for those wanting to add a splash of color.

19. Yellow Sienna

  • Color: Golden yellow with veined patterns.
  • Features: This marble, originating from Italy, radiates warmth and sunny vibes.

20. Fantasia:

  • Color: White with multi-colored swirls and specks.
  • Features: A fun and whimsical marble, Fantasia brings a playful yet elegant touch.

21. Pietra Grey Marble

  • Color: Charcoal gray with striking white veining.
  • Features: Originally from Iran, this marble is known for its consistent patterns and is ideal for those looking for a neutral yet impactful look.

22. Sivec Marble

  • Color: White or light gray.
  • Features: Mined in Northern Macedonia, Sivec is renowned for its fine grain and brilliance, making it a top choice for luxurious interiors.

23. Travertino Marble

  • Color: Cream or beige with a porous texture.
  • Features: Found in Italy, this marble is characterized by its unique, pitted surface and sedimentary layers.

24. Makrana Marble

  • Color: White with gray or pinkish veining.
  • Features: Mined in India, Makrana gained fame as the marble used in the construction of the Taj Mahal. It's known for its high resistance to water and durability.

25. Volakas Marble

  • Color: White with gray veining.
  • Features: Sourced from Greece, Volakas is celebrated for its elegant, cloud-like appearance.

26. Marmara White Marble

  • Color: White with consistent, linear gray stripes.
  • Features: Mined in Turkey, its distinctive striped pattern makes it a favorite for modern interiors.

27. Dionyssos Marble

  • Color: Predominantly white with light gray or beige veining.
  • Features: This Greek marble is known for its uniformity and is often used in large-scale projects.

28. Mugla White Marble

  • Color: Creamy white.
  • Features: Another Turkish marble, Mugla White is appreciated for its soft hues and adaptability to various designs.

29. Levadia Black Marble

  • Color: Deep black with occasional white or gray veining.
  • Features: Originating from Greece, this marble offers a sleek, contemporary feel, perfect for modern spaces.

30. Aphrodite White Marble

  • Color: Pure white with minimal veining.
  • Features: Named after the Greek goddess of love, this marble has a delicate, almost ethereal appearance.

Tips for Selecting Marble Countertop Colors

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Selecting the right marble color can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom countertops. 

Here are some factors to consider.

Assess Your Space

  • Lighting: Marble's natural translucence can transform under different lighting conditions. A striking color in the showroom might look different under your kitchen's fluorescent or natural light. Always consider the lighting in your room before making a final choice.
  • Size of the Area: Lighter colors tend to make spaces feel larger and more open, while darker hues can add a cozy ambiance to spacious areas.

Match With Existing Decor

  • Cabinetry and Flooring: Your countertop doesn't stand alone. Ensure it complements the tones of your cabinetry, flooring, and backsplash. For instance, a Carrara marble with gray veining can beautifully complement stainless steel appliances and gray-toned cabinets.
  • Style Consistency: If your home has a modern aesthetic, sleek marble with minimal veining might be apt. Alternatively, classic or rustic homes might benefit from marble with rich patterns and colors.

Consider Practicality

  • Staining Potential: Light-colored marbles, especially those with a white base, may show stains more prominently than their darker counterparts. If you're worried about spills, especially in busy kitchens, you might want to consider a darker or more patterned marble.
  • Maintenance: Some marbles are more porous than others. Understand the maintenance requirements of your chosen marble type to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

Veining and Pattern

  • Focal Point: If you want your countertop to be the room's statement piece, opt for marbles with dramatic veining or unique patterns.
  • Consistency: If you prefer a serene and harmonious look, go for marbles with consistent and subtle patterns.

Budgetary Constraints

  • Rare vs. Common: While marble, in general, is a premium material, some types are rarer and hence more expensive. Set a budget early on, so you know which marbles to focus on.
  • Thickness and Finish: The thickness of the slab and the type of finish (polished, honed, etc.) can also affect the price.

Consult with Professionals

  • Expert Opinion: While personal preference is paramount, professionals like those at The Granite Shop can offer insights based on years of experience. They can provide advice on durability, maintenance, and matching with other materials.
  • View Full Marble Slabs In Person: As emphasized earlier, viewing small samples can be deceptive. Always try to view an entire slab, either in-store or at supplier warehouses, to get an accurate feel for the marble.

View Marble Slabs & Samples In Person


Your dream space deserves the elegance and timeless beauty of marble. Whether you're in the initial stages of a design project or on the brink of a final decision, there's no substitute for experiencing these exquisite stones in person.

For those in Indiana, The Granite Shop warmly invites you to visit any of our locations in Warsaw, Elkhart, or Fort Wayne. Witness the rich tapestry of colors, patterns, and intricate veining that only marble can offer. If our extensive collection leaves you craving even more options, we'll gladly guide you to our supplier warehouses, ensuring you find that perfect piece of marble tailored for your vision.

Your countertop journey begins with a single step, and we're here to guide you every inch of the way. Visit us today and bring your dream space to life.