Marble Countertops & Installation Services

There's nothing more beautiful than the natural large color variations and veining inherent in marble. Many other materials try to mimic this look. Marble is a somewhat softer stone and can scratch and etch easier than other surfaces. TGS offers a unique sealer that can minimize etching or staining.

Marble Properties
Material Marble
Source Natural
Durability Fair
Scratch Resistance Fair
Heat Tolerance Good
Chemical Resistance Poor
Stain Resistance Poor
Easy Care & Maintenance Fair
Color Availability Moderate

Colors & Types of Marble We Can Source 

Selecting a marble type involves more than just color preference; the origin, veining pattern, and overall aesthetic play a crucial role. Each of these marbles brings its own story and unique touch to the spaces it adorns.

Don't see the exact stone color you're looking for? No worries! We've got strong connections with a variety of vendors, giving us the ability to hunt down just about any color or pattern you're dreaming of. Plus, we're true experts in color matching, so you can trust us to find that perfect shade for your space.

White & Neutral Marble

Black Marble

Brown & Beige Marble

Gray Marble

Red Marble

Blue Marble

Bring Your Vision to Life

Why Homeowners Choose Marble Countertops


Marble bathroom sink

Unique Natural Beauty

Each marble slab boasts unique veining, swirls, and specks, meaning no two countertops are the same. This natural stone offers a wide range of colors and patterns, providing a bespoke touch to any space.

Luxury White Modern Marble Kitchen


Marble seamlessly fits into various design aesthetics, from ultra-modern to classic and traditional. Its neutral tones complement a wide range of color schemes and décor styles.



While it's softer than granite, marble is still a durable stone. With proper care and maintenance, it can withstand daily kitchen tasks and retain its beauty for decades.

Natural Stones Mock Up

Ease of Fabrication

Marble's malleability allows for intricate designs, edge profiles, and custom cuts, providing more design options compared to harder stones.

Marble patina

Evolving Character

As a natural stone, marble evolves over time. It develops a patina, which many homeowners love, as it adds character and tells a story of the lived experiences within the space.

Marble bathroom sink showing reflection

Reflects Light

The natural luminosity of marble can brighten up a space by reflecting light, making rooms appear larger and more open.

Marble Countertop Installation: What’s The Process?

The entire process, from slab selection to installation, is conducted with attention to detail, ensuring homeowners receive a countertop that not only enhances the beauty of their space but also offers unmatched durability and functionality.

Granite Shop Showroom

Research and Inspiration

Before diving in, homeowners often spend time researching online, browsing magazines, or visiting showrooms to gather inspiration and understand what styles and colors resonate with their aesthetic desires.

With three prime locations in Warsaw, Elkhart, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, The Granite Shop invites customers to see, touch, and feel the slabs in person. This tangible experience aids in making more informed decisions.

Man Measuring Tiled Floor

In-Home Measurements & Consultation

Once a design is in mind, a professional from The Granite Shop visits the homeowner's property. This visit involves taking precise measurements and discussing potential design, edge profiles, and other customizations.


Happy Couple Applying for Financing

Price Quote & Final Decision

Based on measurements and customization preferences, The Granite Shop provides a detailed price quote. Once the homeowner approves the quote and finalizes their choice, the real magic begins.


Handyman Cut Round Holes

Template Creation

Using the measurements, a template of the countertop space is crafted. This template ensures the slab is cut accurately and will fit seamlessly into the designated space.

Stone Slabs in Warehouse

Slab Selection & Final Review

Homeowners finalize their slab choice, often choosing from the wide array of quartz slabs available. It's crucial to review the slab for any natural variations or patterns to ensure satisfaction.
Worker Cutting Marble


The selected marble slab is taken to the fabrication facility. The slab is meticulously cut, polished, and edged using advanced machinery and the previously crafted template.
Man Installs Marble Backsplash with Copper Bathroom Faucet


On the previously appointed day, professional installers arrive with the fabricated quartz countertop. They ensure the old countertop (if any) is removed, and the new one is precisely installed. This process involves securing the quartz in place, ensuring seams are minimized and polished, and verifying that the fit is flawless.
Marble kitchen island

Post-Installation Review & Care Guide

Once installed, the team reviews the installation with the homeowner, ensuring complete satisfaction. They also provide guidance on how to care for and maintain the newly installed quartz countertop to ensure longevity.

Why Choose The Granite Shop for Marble Installation

With The Granite Shop, your dream space becomes a tangible reality. With over 15 years of stone surface expertise, we offer an expansive selection of tactile quartz slabs across our Warsaw, Elkhart, and Fort Wayne locations. 

Our commitment to precision ensures a seamless fit for every project, while our swift, streamlined processes respect your time and anticipate your design aspirations. Upholding the highest standards, we provide unmatched quality backed by robust warranties, all delivered with a personalized touch. 

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