Our Process

Granite Shop Showroom

Pick the type and color of your countertop

Visit The Granite Shop showroom to find the countertop of your dreams. You can choose from literally hundreds of options we have available. But don’t worry, your expert design consultant to will help you choose the perfect material, color, finish and options. For an accurate quote, you will need to provide us with the rough dimensions of your countertop . You’ll also select any sinks, faucets, edge profiles, radiuses, and overhangs needed.

Happy Couple Applying for Financing

Review and approve your quote

Within 48 hours of your visit, we will email you a quote based upon the selections that you made with our design consultant. Please review the quote and respond with any questions that you may have. Once you approve the quote and place a deposit, we will send a few more documents that will require your signature. If you need financing, Click here to apply with InTerra Credit Union.

Stone Slabs in Warehouse

Select slabs and prepare for templates

Every piece of granite is different. If you have yet to approve specific slabs for your granite installation, visit our warehouse and make your specific slab selection. Selecting a slab is not necessary for quartz, since it is a man-made, consistent product.

If you’re installing new cabinets, confirm with your contractor exactly when your cabinets will be installed, level and ready for countertops. Notify TGS of that date as soon as possible. Please note, if you’re replacing existing countertops, in some cases we must remove your existing countertops prior to the template day, but not always. We will advise you if this is the case.


Call to schedule for your template and installation

Contact The Granite Shop to schedule your template and installation days. We will schedule a two to three hour window for templates. Please make sure you can be home during this time. Unfortunately we are unable to provide exact times, nor can we call ahead. When you call to schedule, make sure you have documentation of the template date and time, as well as install date and time.

A homeowner will also need to be present during the final installation. Typically, this will take between one and eight hours depending on the size of the project.


Template day

A good quality installation requires precision measurements. If you’re replacing existing countertops, please remove everything from the tops the day before you are scheduled for your template. You’ll need to be home at the scheduled time, as your templater will need to confirm some specific information with you. If you are replacing any faucets, sinks, or appliances that were not coordinated through TGS, those items will need to be present at the time of the template.

Fabrication Machines

Countertop production

Once we have the template, we do our best to produce your countertops quickly. Typically, it takes 7-12 days to complete fabrication and ready them for installation.


Installation day

A homeowner will need to be present during the time of installation. Prior to our arrival, please have your garage or front door accessible for our truck. Also remove any obstacles in the path to the kitchen as we will need a wide, clear space. These tops are very heavy and we will need lots of room to move them into place.

Our installers will be glad to answer any questions you may have, but please be courteous of their time and allow them to concentrate on your installation. Once the countertops are placed, we will install the sink, drill faucet holes, and check cooktops for fitting if needed.

We do our best to keep things clean by placing drop cloths in the space, but you should expect a small amount of dust. Please note, on rare occasions, minor drywall damage may be unavoidable during the installation process.

Clean Countertop

Inspect the completed installation

Closely inspect the countertop for any defects and also check the quality of our workmanship. If you have any concerns about the installation or questions about care, discuss them with your design consultant or the head installer at this time. Once you are 100% satisfied, pay the installers any remaining balance due.

If additional plumbing needs to be installed, it is best to schedule it for the day following your countertop installation. If you are also having a new tile backsplash installed through TGS, it will be scheduled for installation once the countertop installation has been completed.

New Kitchen

Enjoy your countertops

We would love to see your completed project, so please email us some great pictures of your kitchen in use and we will send you a gift as a thank you from us. Enjoy your new countertops with family and friends!


Our countertops are beyond perfect! They look absolutely amazing! Dakota's install team was so professional and neat. They answered all of my questions and did an amazing job. We thank you all very much.

Our only problem is where to put things that used to be on the countertop now. I don't want to cover up any of the beautiful stone!

Thank you again. We will recommend you to everyone that inquires about our gorgeous granite.

M and J Anglin

The countertops are absolutely beautiful. We all love them. The team of people who installed the counters knew exactly what they were doing - they were skilled, professional and kind.

I am so impressed with you and all I’ve dealt with from The Granite Shop. I will definitely sing your praises. Updating our kitchen is a really big deal for us. The process has been a lesson in patience, but patience rewarded with joy and promises of so many wonderful moments in our beautiful new space.

K Sullivan