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Exotic Stone

For those looking for a truly unique surface, we offer a wide variety of other exotic stone options from around the world.

quartzite countertops installed from Elkhart, Indiana


Quartzite, with its many vibrant colors and unique characteristics, is an extremely dense natural material that is a combination of translucent stones. Due to the extreme hardness, more fabrication time is needed to cut and install this stone. Often this material has a higher quality of resin placed on the top of the stone and a sealer is recommended to better resist staining.

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limestone countertops installed from Elkhart, Indiana


Embedded fossils and seashells offer an element of surprise within this natural limestone surface. It offers similar characteristics to marble and travertine. Limestone consists primarily of muted earth tones and exhibits less pattern variation than other stone options. It resists heat well, but is a little more prone to nicks, scratches and stains. A good quality sealer is a must.

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travertine countertops installed from Elkhart, Indiana


Travertine is a natural rock with muted tones that has similar characteristics to limestone and marble. Its appearance can vary depending on the type of finish that is applied to the stone, from polished smooth to a tumbled textured surface. It is a slightly softer stone that can be subject to scratches and etching.

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soapstone countertops installed from Elkhart, Indiana


Rustic charm and a smooth as silk finish are hallmarks of a natural soapstone surface that will darken with time. The natural color of the slabs will vary depending on where the stone is quarried. It’s not necessary to seal soapstone, which is non-porous. However, many people prefer the oiled look, which must be applied regularly. It’s softer than other materials and so it will scratch easier, but is less prone to chipping. Scratches can be sanded out, but some people prefer the patina and story that comes with use and age.

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porcelain countertops installed from Elkhart, Indiana


Manufactured from a fiery mixture of glass, ceramic, and other materials, porcelain is extremely durable and is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It resists scratches, stains, heat & chemical damage, and requires no special maintenance. It is a great option for featured walls, outdoor grills, shower walls, floors, and the exterior of buildings.

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